Monday, January 16, 2012


Today (as in yesterday, the 15th. I'm already a day behind!) in New Zealand, we stayed in Rotorua again. Everyone chose between two activities; You could either go Zorbing, or Sledging. Sound fun? If you've never heard of Zorbing, this is it.  Fun idea but...let's be hones, it didn't look that fun. I chose Sledging. The river in that link is where we actually were.
I can't find the action shots of our sledging trip right now. This "getting ready" shot will have to do. This is about 1/2 of us. The other half chose Zorbing and had an awesome time.

That evening we went to a Mitai. There, we enjoyed a cultural performance,
 a tour around the place, (this is a spring. The water was crystal clear and there were EELS living in there!)...

...and, of course, fooood. Look at that!

After we ate ourselves silly we headed back to camp for a good nights rest on pads and sleeping bags. Ahhhh :)

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