Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glow worms!

January 18th I woke up to this:

I petted a dear. Big deal.

Later in the morning we went to the Waitomo Caves. It. Was. Amazing.
We floated through these caves in wet suits and inner tubes with a small headlamp that we usually kept off. 

The light that comes from the glow worms is so pure that it really looks like you are gazing at the stars. Next to the car ride to Waitomo, the caves were the most beautiful thing I have seen.

After the caves, we made lunch and packed up camp. We hit the road to Mordor.

Ok, we were actually going to Tongariro. Discovery Lodge. We got to stay in CABINS this night! It was a good thing too because the next morning we would be hiking Mount Doom! Mount Doom's real name is Mount Ngauruhoe. Read here for mostly true information.

Thar she blows!

The adorable cabins we got to stay in.

 We had been doing all our own cooking but this night, when we got to the Lodge, we got to eat dinner in their little restaurant. I got some kind of Thai curry/rice/lamb thing I think? It was delicious!

 Oh, and I made a little friend on my way to dinner. Rude at first, but I eventually won his heart.

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Allison said...

Those top two pictures are out of CONTROL.

The other night Sam Bergin and I agreed that looking back, considering the people that we (especially he) are friends with now from New Zealand, we should have done whatever it took to go with y'all. Loans, delayed graduation, whatever. UUUUGGGGGHHH.