Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few answers to a few questions.

You know how when you meet someone it's always the same questions:

"Where are you from?"
"Where do you go to school?"
"What are you studying?"
"How long do you have left?"

"Oh, for sure, for sure. That's legit."

Turns out that after you are married the question are a little different. We have been having a blast figuring out the answers to those questions and I will tell you everything I know right now:

So how long have you two been married? 
About a month and a, I guess a month and three weeks now.

Where'd ya go on the Honeymoon? 
We went to Lake Tahoe.
Yeah, it was beautiful weather for that time of year.

We hiked a little bit,
 made tinfoil dinners on the beach,
 and took a lake cruise.
 It was fun...
 ...really fun...(trail off)
Cool, cool. So where are you guys living now? 
Um, we're actually in Robert's grandma's basement because our apartment is being remodeled. We're hoping to move in on Monday. (We say that every week. I think we're up to five Mondays...)
Yeah, it's about a mile south of campus and we're actually the managers.

Nice, how'd you land that? 
Robert's sister works at a law firm and one of the lawyers buys and fixes up old apartments. So he was looking for a manager and Robert's sister referred us. There are of two 6-plexes we're managing. So rent is going to be nice and cheap. Plus we really like our apartment.

That is where we're at right now. Robert tries to find time to ride his bike, and I try to swim and ride as well. We're looking forward to a few upcoming vacations with the family to Moon Lake and to the Cabin!

We're enjoying the summer!