Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

6 month re-cap

Another link to K.C.'s blog? Why not? She inspired my 6 month re-cap. Or is it 6-month recap?
Either way. 6 months in 12 pictures.

My cubicle.

Robert leads a flag detail in front of some big wigs.

Sister-in-law Alisa gets called to serve in Taiwan.

Other sister-in-law Brynn and I pull out the ol' Christmas socks.

Naegles congregate at Aspen Grove. Aunt Sandy's arm makes it in the picture. 

Cousin's child plays a tiny violin. 

New Year's Day on Antelope island. Some guy is there with a truck full of hawks. 

Robert grows a horn. 

Brother-in-law James looking dapper, cold, and suspicious of the PORCUPINE in the tree behind him.

Robert has his Golden Birthday and I throw him a little par-tay.

Robert makes a 10,000% profit on a basketball card he bought 15 years ago. It ships to Taiwan, coincidentally.
Oh yeah. We are having a baby :)


Back in December Robert and I finally got Faceboot accounts.

We made sure we "liked" each other's account...

...then we spent the night updating our profiles. Make sure to Share! :)

My next post

Months ago I entitled this "My Next Post" hoping I'd get around to it soon. Well I didn't.

Robert and I tagged along with siblings, nieces  and cousins to hunt down our own Christmas tree this (last) year.
K.C. has some great pics of the really fun afternoon here.
I'll add a few more pictures and videos.

Flight suit and saws at the ready!

Frozen river!

Also, this.

Oh, and this picture of the fun you can have with a sheet of ice.

Lunch break!

After hours of searching, we found the perfect one.

Ta daa!

'Tis the Season

Okay, so it's been a while. Here are some things we've done:

Want to know how the Air Force Ball went? It was fun. We had a few light refreshments, danced a few dances, shook a few hands, had a few laughs, and tried to take a few self portraits after we got home and changed, then remembered we didn't have pictures so put our gear back on and set the camera on a timer.

Our clock is military time. It still throws me off. (By the way I see the date is November 11th. Yes, it's been a long time.)

Robert headed to a field training preparation overnighter. I was proud of my packing skills.

Thanksgiving dinner at the Dave Naegles. Delicious as usual. Robert had two name tags since we still can't get his name right.