Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Lilian is really in to flowers right now.

I take that back, she's really in to EVERYTHING.


Today after finishing dinner I wiped my brow, threw my hand on my hip and took a deep breath.
"There is stuff everywhere."

I spun a slow circle and realized that there was, indeed, stuff. Everywhere. Every surface of our small house was covered in all the things.

I know Lilian needs to get in to things and play and learn but she does not need to get in to the kitchen cabinets, in my opinion. Spices, glass bowls, brown sugar, and cleaning supplies never did a kid good.

I needed a solution and I needed it yesterday so I ran to the Home Depot and got two dowels. I ran the dowels through our cabinet handles. Problemo Solved.

The best part (other than less mess) is that Lilian loves it! Why? Well, see for yourself.

 A place to put her beautiful flowers all in a row.

p.s. Don't worry, I know she'll figure out the dowels soon enough. Well I'm one step ahead of her. You'll see.