Sunday, January 15, 2012

Feliz Natal

Our Christmas break was full of family, food, and fun. Before the new year gets away from me, I'm going to document it. For posterity's sake. (I apologize, this post is HUGE.)

Robert has been working early mornings at BYU. Today he received his bonus!

Sprite and Popcorn..

 He sold his Bonus and bought himself some winter riding clothes! (Ok, we consumed his bonus and used our own money for the clothes.) He can now ride outside in the winter time. Toasty.

Before Christmas, Steph, Brian, Jenny, and her fiance Edwin came over for a Brazilian Churrasco. Brian provided the meat and grilled pineapple. It was amazing. Jenny brought Guatemalan Tamales, and Robert and I made beans and rice. It was totally better than Rodizio. . .

Charlotte and Hazel tagged along, of course.

As Steph and Brian were leaving, who should stop in but the Jolly man, himself. SANTA!
Last year Charlotte was terrified of Santa...

He gave her a fright at first...

She was deciding whether to cry or laugh...

And with her mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, and uncle all saying, "It's Santa," as cheerfully as possible she decided it was the coolest thing ever!
"Haha! Sanna. 'Nomen. Saaaana."
 He even said hello to Hazel.

Christmas Eve arrived and, thanks to Brian and the traditions he brought from his family, the Naegle household performed its first ever Nativity. 
The Three Wise men.

The Narrator and donkey, (making him a talking ass?) stomping off. 
Nice tail, Dad.
 I mean, not much of a tail. But you're kind of attached to it, right?
 Wise man and the baby Jesus.
 Perfect little angel adjusting her halo.
 Three wise men, donkey, Joseph and Mary, Baby Jesus, a Shepherd, and the Angel.

Christmas Day arrived. We had the most perfect German pancakes (thanks Robert) and bacon and headed off to church. We have always done Christmas that way. We don't come into the living room until mom and dad have slept then showered. It was usually around 9 am. (I know, right?) We inevitably saw the bigger, unwrapped gifts that Santa had brought us but we didn't get to open any. Next we have breakfast. (Then we go to church, if it lands on a Sunday.)

Finally, we open presents.

Charlotte loves her hat. 

Hazel, the freakishly perfect baby. 

A few days after Christmas we went shooting up North Canyon. Against the law? Maybe.
Good thing we only had a .22 and a BB gun.
Amish woman with a gun, aka LeAnne.
He hit his target shooting backwards. (Never mind that it was a 3' x 5' box.)

We found this crazy fort up there, complete with cardboard and a red flag.

We made our way up to Aspen Grove again this year, even though there was hardly any white stuff.
The kiddos watching "Pooh Bear."
Robert and I left Aspen Grove on New Years Eve and spent it with his family. We sneaked up on them like this: 

(I know it's blurry. Our vision was to ring the doorbell, hide, and have Robert's helicopter hovering in front of the door when someone answered it. You hear the door creak open, see the helicopter take off, then it, uh, gets stuck in the tree.)

The next day we made more German Pancakes. What?

Our Christmas vacation came to an end and we went back home with a couple of gifts. 

This snowman belongs on a White fridge. (Why did I capitalize "White?" We may have made some racial jokes about this snowman. I don't know.)

Fred makes yet another friend.

'Twas a very merry Christmas. We loved spending time with our families and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

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I may or may not have shouted, "Yay!" when I saw that you had posted. My office-mate may or may not have given an exasperated sigh at my outburst.

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