Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hamilton to Waitomo

January 17th of a couple of years ago we were in Hamilton.

We got up, packed up, and headed to church somewhere in Hamilton and then visited the temple again, spending most of our time in the Visitor Center.

This MTC is now just a school...I think. 

At the Visitor Center, we watched a documentary about Matthew Cowley. The members down here (there) revere the missionaries that brought them the gospel. I told a woman that my dad had served here. She grabbed my greenstone necklace (pictured above) and just squeezed it. She held it as we spoke then pressed it to my cheek when we parted. Also, an Elder Marion J. walked up to me and asked if I knew a Christina Naegle haha. Apparently, he had just spoken to my Aunt Cristy on the phone the day before! Small world.

Beautiful temple :)

We left the temple, and began the drive to our next camp spot in Waitomo. 
Juno Waitomo Holiday Park
600 Waitomo Caves Road, R.D.5, Te Kuiti, New Zealand. The drive, as quoted in my journal, was "the most beautiful drive I've been on, I think."

We arrived at our sight in Waitomo and there was a TRAMPOLINE!
And a beautiful sunset...

Aaand we watched Lord of the Rings in preparation for the climb up Mount Doom the day after next. Sweet as.

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