Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Best Month (Part I)

Ever since I can remember...I've been poppin' my collar?

No. Ever since I can remember, I have considered the month of July to be the Best month of the year. Every year.

In July there is no school, it's warm, I swam every day (who cares it was swimming lessons. I loved being in the pool!), and there is an electricity in the air.

Or maybe more appropriately, there is FIRE in the air! The 4th of July and the 24th of July were fascinating. I LOVE them.

I have been living in Provo during the school years for 5 years now. Last summer I was in Island Park for the 4th, but this summer, we were here in Provo for the Fourth and OH MY WORD! It's a never ending party!
We had family over for a BBQ...
 ...complete with Flag cake.
 I updated our communal laundry room white board. 
Over the top? No way, Jose.
 We went to see the Balloons early the 4th.

(I couldn't go to the parade because I had work. I was so excited to go. People camped out for days and I'm pretty sure University Avenue stayed up all night.)

We went to Robert's Grandparents for a family BBQ and water fight in the afternoon.
We decided last minute to go to Stadium of Fire with Robert's family since we got pretty cheap tickets. It was AWESOME!! 
The Beach Boys were never my favorite but they were that night! So fun.

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