Monday, July 16, 2012


I've been:
1. Riding
1. Running
1. Swimming
2. Reading The Hobbit and The Help. Next on my list, Les Miserables. Is it December yet?
3. Re-potting my dying plants in an effort to save them. They're really perkin' up!
4. Under-cooking my lemon zucchini bread. Ugh.
5. Doing dishes. I actually kind of like doing dishes.
6. Burning my lemon zucchini muffins. Dang it!
7. Watering my lawn and plants by hand every morning. I really like being up and awake before the sun comes 'round, but this rain has been nice.
8. Working 8 hours a day but really only working 2-3 hours. The rest of the time I am frantically searching for honest things to do. Cleaning, organizing, brainstorming, making a cute board...but really I feel I'm wasting time.
9. Listening to Conference talks. So good.
10. Doing laundry. I also don't really mind laundry, but I think I only "like" cleaning because it sooths some OCD tendencies deep within. I don't believe I just love scrubbing and folding.
11. Planting cilantro in an adorable mini greenhouse.
12. Squealing with delight as my cactus plant that I thought was dead and hadn't watered in months sprouted a new little cactus from its side. Turns out I was watering it too much.
13. Wishing I was pregnant so I could blame my tiredness on something.  I guess I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that training for a triathlon is actually hard and it actually makes me very tired.

I'm not pregnant.

14. Trying to fulfill my Relief Society calling in a ward of 800 members when I'm not exactly sure what a "Relief Society Board Member" does. I guess I'll start getting to know the ladies in the ward, starting with the "A's." :)
15. Making lists.
16. Watching the fruit trees around my house get ripe, wondering if the ear wigs will get to them before I do. Hate those things. It also makes me think about what a lovely neighborhood this must have been about 70 years ago. Fruit trees spring up here and there and I know people planted all kinds of yummy things in their yards. Then south Provo got dumpy and those trees get filled with ear wigs. Hate those things.

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MelissaJoy said...

You and me both on #13. I'm so tired all the time and I eat so much that Jared wonders how bad it's going to be when we do get Prego if that ever happens!