Wednesday, August 22, 2012

July Part III

Next up, my birthday.

When I was young I had a water birthday every year and invited all 13 kids in my Sunday school class to slide down the slip n' slide and eat cake and give me presents.

My birthday was basically the best holiday of all time. And my half birthday.

As I grew older I found I enjoyed waking up, mowing the lawn, cleaning my room, and washing my Jeep more than having much ado about nothing. But this year I really wanted to do something with my family, since my birthday happened to fall on my day off.

We had a big BBQ Sunday with both our families. (Oh the joy of having parents and in-laws that live within 5 houses of each other. I can't imagine it being any other way.)

The next day Robert had to study for a final exam (which he got, oh, 102 PERCENT on. Sheesh!), so I went to the zoo with Steph and her kids.

 We then met Mom, Dad, and Eric at City Creek for lunch...and I took a million pictures of Hazel because she is too cute not to. 

Robert took me to P.F. Chang's that night and I acknowledged every craving that surfaced since the last time I went to P.F. Chang's. Yum.

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