Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Week and Counting

Well, the time has come. I am officially in Panic Mode.
I will be leaving in less than one week and I wouldn't say I'm completely ready. In fact, I'm not really anywhere near ready. And to top it off I kind of have a cold so I don't really feel like bustling about getting packed and what not. But look at this, it'll all be worth it.

Apart from preparing for my Adventure (yes, Adventure with a capital "A") I've had a Christmas break filled with family, heartache, friends, fun, laughing, crying, traditions, new experiences...everything.

Before I took my last final on Friday evening, I got a phone call from my sister letting me know that one of my cousins had gone missing. The next few days were a blur of private investigators, family, police, shopping, muddy buddies, and prayers.  Read about my cousin  here.
On top of that, the father of a good friend of mine passed away tragically on Christmas Eve. I didn't know you could cry so much during the happiest time of the year. 

Christmas came and went with my parents, younger brother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece all in tow. It was a great day to remember Christ and spend together. The next day we headed up to Aspen Grove to spend a few days with my dad's side of the family. Despite our missing cousin and all the heartache it was bringing, EVERY Naegle, Simmons, Koecher, Bennett, Benson, Stagg (am I missing anyone?) was in attendance, save Stevie. I learned more about what family means and what the plan of salvation entails during those few days then I ever have before. It's a good day to be a member of the Church.

I've sort of picked up the phrase "Thank goodness for the the Church" in the last month. It comes in handy, even when your water turns off the night before a Sunday...AFTER you worked out and absolutely NEED a shower, and then turns on 23 hours earlier than expected. Yes, that happened.

Got home on Saturday and headed to Charlotte's baby blessing Sunday. I have the cutest niece ever!

And here we are. Crunch time. The past few days I've just been getting ready, buying chacos, trying not to let my head cold get out of control (unsuccessfully, I might add.) As soon as I get there January 14th I'm pretty sure I'll be cut off from computer access for a few weeks. Guess we'll see.

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Alexandra said...

First, I am really really sorry about your cousin.


I hate all this unpacking from school and packing for the trip, but thank you for reminding me again why it will be worth it.

Cannot wait!! xoxo