Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is It Summer Yet?

I just sat down across the table from Robert to do some homework on my computer. Robert is also doing homework on his computer. Without looking up he simply asked,

"Wanna instant message??
. . . I mean, IM?"

It's funny because neither of us ever did that. I know instant messaging was all the rage when we were in junior high but Robert and I  both made it this far without ever having an account, er, user name(?) and we turned out just fine.

Speaking of doing just fine, is it summer yet?
Robert and I have been counting down since last summer until I graduate and he can put in a good racing season. He had his first race last Saturday.

In preparation for the first race and in celebrating the beginning of the season he had to do what all cyclist do...
One down, one to go :)
While taking some video footage of this he made me promise not to put it on my "blog thing." I honestly can't remember if pictures were off limits.

He was out in front the whole time, attacking and what not. Way to go, Robert! Raar!

Oh, also, remember how I mentioned Robert had had surgery back in January. Friday the 13th, to be exact. Well this is what was taken out of his collar bone. (It was put in October 2010 when he crashed and broke his collar bone into three pieces. Ouch!)
We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was blue.
Going to races are fun because there is a lot of energy and excitement in the air...and people like this to stare at and secretly snap pictures of.
Biggest gauged ears I have ever seen.

Robert is finishing out the semester while continuing to train like an animal. And by "finishing out" I mean getting straight A's. Sheesh.
I am also finishing out the semester as well as my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science emphasis Management, with a minor in Business! Woohoo!

I panicked about a month ago because I realized I would be finished with school; out of the comfort of being a BYU student and thrust in to the real world. I am an adult and I clean toilets at 5 in the morning. Well, I just hopped on the interwebs and found me a job, just like that.

I interviewed for and was offered the position of Aquatics Manager (Ooo la la) at a residential treatment center for at-risk youth. Sound familiar? It should, since I have been an assistant manager of a pool and tennis club and I've also been a mentor at a treatment center. I loved working at both and couldn't be more excited for my new job. It's full time with benefits and it's a perfect experience (and resume) builder for a managerial job in the exercise science field. (see above "Exercise Science Emphasis is Management" major)

Robert and I are truly blessed. 

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KC Naegle said...

Well done to both of you! But tell Roger to chill out on the calf muscles. They're freakin me out.