Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Econonomics In Everyday Life

I am in an economics class here at BYU. I am taking ECON 110 from Professor Kearl, the best professor I have ever had, I might add. I enjoy the class and have learned so much about the difficult workings of "The Economy."

Today, this is how Economics helped me in my daily routine.

1. Made Robert a lunch
2. Attended Econ lecture, then math lecture
3. Completed math homework for today and Thursday
4. Ate lunch
5. Rescheduled my work training schedule (I got a job!)
6. Cleaned and put away 3 loads of laundry
7. Completed math homework for next week
8. Went grocery shopping
9. Cooked dinner
10. Organized my spice drawer. It was a mess!
11. Washed all the dishes/cleaned the kitchen
12. Organized my math binder
13. Cleaned the bathroom
14. Ate my dinner (Robert is still at school and I was hungry)
15. Blogged about how much I can get done in one day when I
procrastinate studying for my Econ exam tomorrow.

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