Friday, July 15, 2011

My first word was "Bug"

After our trip to Moon Lake, we ventured up to Island Park, Idaho. Before I go into detail about the trip and the barrel of fun we had, I will introduce the one and only downside; MOSQUITOES. For some odd reason, probably heavy snowfall and extra moisture (I hate that word), there were a lot.

I mean...A LOT.

So much so that I was compelled to write a poem about it.

Buzzing, whining, high pitched “weee”
Hover slowly, dart so fast.
You bit my brow, you bit my knee!
Your next slurp will be your last.

As I sit to eat my meal
Navaho tacos with fruit and juice
A blind SLAP towards your awful squeal
In hopes your population to reduce.

All I want is evening rest.
To lay my head and sleep the night,
But you are such a little pest
I have to wrap the sheets ‘round tight.

The morning comes. With sun’s first ray
I fumble down the narrow stair.
My arms, a feast for you by day
My face, a feast by night to share!

Back home where you don’t run a muck
Where your swarms, a cloud less thick
Still haunted by your sucker stuck
I swat thin air like a lunatic!

I'll be posting about the highlights, but for now those pesty bugs are still on my mind. Why? Because I have been doing intense yard work at out new apartment and that backyard is a jungle. And a jungle has a lot of weird bugs. 

I have gone through wasps, huge black bumblebee things, earwigs, beetles that are black, beetles that are green, spiders of all kinds, little black ants, big black ants with wings, and of course mosquitoes. 

But the more I drive east with my rake/hoe/old hammer I found, the less will be coming west into my house.  Right now I have a weird bite on my neck. Maybe I'll get super powers! Or maybe just West Nile Virus. 


Steph said...

Poem?! That's like an epic!

Allison said...

I'm printing this off, mulling it over for the next few years, and I'll get back to you about the hidden meanings I've unearthed.