Thursday, July 7, 2011

Before and After

I wish I had taken pictures of our apartment Before and After the remodel. It's still small. As my mom mused, "It's too bad you can't knock out a wall and have two apartments."

...yeah, life is rough.

So, we are in and we're having a blast finding a place for all our extra tupperware. Thank you all for the gift cards and checks. We've been putting up towel racks, laying welcome mats, installing curtains, and shopping for a vacuum.

Before the After pictures are up I've got to decorate a little more. In the mean time, here is our trip to Moon Lake with the Naegles. We moved in a day or two before we left for the Uintas.

Of course, the best part of getting together with family is seeing the Staggs. Especially Steph and her cute little belly! We're so excited.

Robert killin' it on the court. 

That is a tired pooch.

Meet Brahms.

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Papa George said...

Ok. I've never seen a cuter picture of Charlotte.....and I get her all day Saturday!