Wednesday, August 3, 2011

THE Cabin

Let me preface our trip to THE Cabin with this epic video.

'Nuff said.

At the Ranch. Looks like the one in Wyoming.

Mesa falls for lunch. Everyone looks way too happy. Especially the mosquitoes, who were eating US for lunch.

Sister-in-law. Love her.

The whole Bennion crew...minus Michael :( (Dad is taking the picture)

Sunday afternoon. See above video.

We decided later that rolling huge rocks off the edge of a cliff isn't the safest thing to do. But we weren't able to realize that in the moment due to it being Fast Sunday.

Before the 56 or 58 mile ride Robert, Dustin, Angelyn, and I did. Fun times.


We sat about 30 yards away from the lighting point and the fireworks exploded right over our heads. It was amazing!

All in all, a wonderful trip to THE Cabin.

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