Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This One's For the BOYS

How is it that I can have time to blog on the first day of finals, two weeks before my wedding?

I'm at work!

No, Dad, I'm not one of those employees. You've taught me well. It just so happens that all the boys at Telos are spending time with their families today, so I am hanging out while a few sunburned boys take a cat nap.

My Saturday afternoons usually consist of smelly boys and swear words. But if you stick around long enough to get past the gag reflex you'll learn two important things:

First, you'll learn how to play poker.

Second,  you will learn how to love.

If it is a commandment to "love your neighbor," then shouldn't that be a choice? When I began working here I wondered how I would ever love these boys. To me, they were spoiled kids that liked drugs. I quickly realized how wrong I was.

I have learned so much in the time I've worked here. These boys come in without faith in themselves and leave a new person, literally. They even look different. Yeah, they get a haircut and shave the one hair on their chinny chin chin, but their whole countenance is brighter.

 It is life changing for them to be here and it is because of love. They learn how to love and I learn how to love. We learn from each other. Miracle...

...kind of like the human heart.

Making the conscious decision to love someone, no matter what they have done in their past or even what they do or say to you, is a miracle.

Try it.


Alexandra said...

I'm so proud of you Xtina. This seems like a really amazing experience.

Got your invite yesterday. Gorgeous. happy happy wedding.

MeLanie said...

you have a BLOG!?

<3 Melanie