Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Best Day Ever!

Yesterday I was on campus (as usual) and I was walking to my business class in the Tanner Building (as usual). But the class I usually have before my business class was canceled. Therefore, I came from a different direction because I had been studying in the Library (as USUAL).

And then it happened.

While making my way through the sea of students, I walked right into the arms of Robert Bennion.

Best Day Ever!

I don't think I have run into him between classes since our freshman year before his mission. Oh, the little things.
(I was still ecstatic to see him after he pointed out a booger in my nose. That's Love.)

p.s. Robert Bennion is my fiance. Best day ever, indeed.


KC Naegle said...

Best day ever! Christina posted on her blog AND there was a picture. Yay!

Steph said...

Amen to KC. :) I think you could totally go with that one for the announcements. Hard choice though.

Allison said...

YOU posted?? That is a good day. :)
Love the picture, and I really want to see more. You both look great.