Friday, April 8, 2011

I gagged while walking to school.

The smell of rain is probably the best smell in the world.

The smell of worms is probably the worst smell in the world.

(That may be a stretch, but when you are expecting the rain smell and you take a deep breath of worm smell, it's like putting salt on your cherrios when you think it's the sugar.)

However, I only had to put up with a few short minutes of people staring as a gagged because I was actually running...from teacher parking south of campus. Today, my ENG 312 group paper was due, sixteen glorious pages of pure persuasiveness, and I was late to school (because I was finishing the paper, of course.)

So I drove.

I parked and ran up that south hill of campus (gagging all the way) to the SWKT, where I printed my paper and sprinted to class.

Getting to class nearly on time was great,
Turning in the blasted paper was amazing!
Leaving class and walking back to my car gagging all the way was liberating!


finding my car Ticket-FREE was miraculous!

It made all those yucky worms bearable.

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Allison said...

I don't usually think of worm smell as the worst in the world- actually, I don't think I even know what worm smell IS. But I do know that looking down while walking in the rain freaks me out because there are so many of them.