Thursday, February 27, 2014

Late Valentine

Call me creepy, but I've basically been obsessed with Robert Bennion since he moved in to my home ward when we were 12. Sure, I was probably a foot taller than him and twice his weight and going through the awkward teen years but I just hoped love would conquer all...awkwardness.
Nothing brings two hearts together like holding a bleeding pig head by the scruffy hairs after having just watched it be slaughtered. Mmm mmm.

When Robert moved in, my dad was the Young Men president and Eric Bell was a counselor. He and my dad starting taking the boys to The Ranch. They loved it so much that they starting going just for fun and my sister and I would tag along. That is where Robert and I began to be best friends.

The 4.5 hour drive was never long enough.
 Work was play.
 Play was a dream.

Dreams were Robert.

Sweet Dreams

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Allison said...

I loved this. Stinkin' precious, and such a fun trip back in time. It's nice for me to remember that even you had awkward years. ;) And I'm loving that baby up there! I can't wait to meet her.