Monday, February 6, 2012

Suan Powell and Steven Koecher

We heard the tragic news about the Powells from Aunt DeAnne herself (Steven Koecher's mother), as we were calling to invite her to dinner. My dad, who was on the phone with her, simply said "You're kidding." My sister, who has two beautiful children of her own, couldn't hold back the tears. My elegant and composed grandmother slammed her palms to the table in disbelief, then slammed her fists in anger. I finally broke down and sobbed over my bathroom sink as I was getting ready for bed later that night.

We are so sorry for the Powell and the Cox family. From one family of a missing person to another, whose cases once were claimed to be related, we feel for you. To experience this on top of losing Susan must be heartbreaking, and it breaks our hearts as well.

On the drive back from Bountiful to Provo, Grandmother said, "It was no right of that evil, evil man to take away the lives of those two boys." Said the Pierce County Sheriff, "Let's not refer to this please in public as a tragedy. This was not a tragedy. This was a horrible murder of two little kids. Let's not dress it up, let's not sanitize it. Let's call it what it is, which is something deeply wrong, which is not a tragedy, which is something evil. This is going to hurt everybody's heart who's been involved. This is a horrible, heart-breaking situation."

We have been involved in Susan's case about as long as we have been searching for Steven and, as Pierce County Sheriff said, it has hurt everybody's heart who's been involved. We continue to hope for that which we have been praying for since December 13th, 2009--that we will be able to find Steven, and that the family of Susan will be able to find her.

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Kris Baker said...

When I heard of Josh Powell's evil acts, I immediately thought of Steven's family.
Nothing good comes from hatred ... but maybe it was terror. What he tried to do to Steven's family, was a sign of an empty heart.

Bless ou all.
Kris Baker