Friday, February 17, 2012

A Heart-felt Valentine for Brittany Molina

In the following short essay, I have three important points to make about the hilarity of this Valentine's Story to show why BYU is weird...but not that weird.

At BYU, we all abide by the Honor Code, a code-of-conduct that students, staff, and faculty agree to live by while attending Brigham Young University. And when I say all what I really mean is a hopeful most. There are obviously people who for some reason attend BYU but HATE the honor code, which brings me to point number uno;

1. If you choose to attend BYU, choose to love and live by the Honor Code. If you hate and fight the honor code, maybe this university just isn't for you! The honor code is just the way Brigham Young University runs things. You can be a "good mormon" or a "good person" and have a beard. If you like being able to have boys in your apartment past 11:00 pm, choose to attend a university that doesn't care if you don't care. No big deal.

The Honor Code gets a bad rap sometimes. Certain clauses are hard to understand, (like the time when women were told to only have one peircing in each ear. Why must it be that way? We don't really know but we'll just trust,) which brings me to point number two;
2. The Honor Code states that women's skirts should be to their knees and clothes should not be form fitting. Well, super cute skirts with leggings is kind of the style right now but BYU has said on poster put around campus that a skirt above the knee with leggings just is not up to the BYU Honor Code standard.

I love her "I'm-modest-and-I-know-it. This-guy-is-crazy" look.
The only thing I can see about the ADORABLE girl's ADORABLE outfit is maybe the skirt and leggings is the thing that threw off this anonymous Valentine note giver. Britanny's outfit is really not immodest. Any normal person can see that. But yes, maybe there is a small discrepancy between her outfit and the Honor Code. (Again, the Honor Code calls for things that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not necessarily ask of you. ex. No beard.)
However, this guy should not have written what he did. The Mission of BYU is to "assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life." In order to do that we simply must be more Christ-like, which brings me to point number three;

3. The Christ-like thing to do here would have been to get to know her. Become her friend.
There are weirdos at every university. Harvard attracts smarty pants, Texas attracts partiers, BYU attracts religous ZEALOUTS! Not every student is a smarty pants, partier, religious zealot etc. I like to think most people at BYU are just trying to get an education and be a good person. In order to do that, we should not judge, but seek to understand and love one another. 

I had a guy come up to me in the library once and tell me that I should be more Christ-like and leave the library if I insisted on whispering to the person next to me. It was a Saturday night. We were both losers for being at the library late on a Saturday but the rude and undignified way in which he attacked me was most definitely not Christ like.

I promise Brigham Young University has weirdos!
I also promise most people are normal and just trying to be a friend to those around them. 
If we could only understand God and Jesus Christ's infinite and unconditional love, and be able to love others in the same way, there would be none of these nonsense notes!

I hope the rest of Brittany's Valentine's Day was a little more cheerful, though it couldn't have been more entertaining :)

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Kelli said...

I can't believe I have missed out on your wonderful blog! I just spent way too much time reading all your posts and looking at your fabulous pictures. I love what you have done with your place! Love you girl!