Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree House

Many many months ago (not POSTS ago, just months ago) Robert and I moved in to our sweet apartment. "Sweet" for a few different reasons.
  • It's nothing fancy but it is newly remodeled. New wood floors, carpet, paint, granite counter top. Sweet!      
  • New black appliances: Refrigerator, oven/gas stove. Sa weeet.

  • The view out our bedroom window is Timp. The view out the kitchen window is Nebo. Schweet! 
  • We have great neighbors because, well, we picked them. Double sweet. 
  • Our apartment reminds us of being in a treehouse since there is lots of light...and no right angles. Anywhere. Aww, sweet.  (Note: the shelf is level, both hallway doors are not.)
  • Our heating system is ancient radiator heaters. AND THEY WORK GREAT! Sweet relief. 
  • We have a wee back yard. Yes! Sweet! 

  • Our ceilings are 9'6" so...we can fit bikes! Tell me that isn't sweet.

  • We pay virtually nothing for rent since we are the managers. Oh, that is so Sweet.


Steph said...

so many cute plaaaants!!

Allison said...

Hey... this looks NICE! I wanna see!

Daddy said...

Sweet post. Keep it up!

KC Naegle said...

This is me, stalking your blog so you'll post more. *stalk* *stalk* *stalk*