Saturday, February 6, 2010

DAY TEN: Kiakoura to Christchurch

My group was clean up for breakfast! So we were in charge of Thursday’s dinner, yesterday’s breakfast, lunch, and was clean-up crew for dinner. Plus we shopped twice and are cleanup today. Blah.

Got to camp in Christchurch, set up camp, and headed to the Institute building where a brother and sister Bourne (yes, as in my secret crush, Jason Bourne) had a lunch for us. I had three HUGE pieces of cake after a bunch of steak. Delish. Also, during this lunch through a series of events, I realized I didn’t want to be part of the only “clique” on the trip even though I was invited. I turned it down. It was a big learning experience.

After lunch we went to town and walked around. There was a carnival type thing going on called the Buskers Festival and there were street performers everywhere. It was here I learned another big life lesson. There is honor in succumbing to “The Man” and getting a real job. These street performers kept saying, “We CHOSE to do this as our living,” and proceed to shamelessly beg for money. I left with that sick, empty, sympathetic feeling you get when you see a beaten dog or something. So much for making people laugh. Bleh.

After that, history repeated itself and I found myself at yet another CRAPPY place for dinner. It wasn’t quite as bad as all you can eat Chinese buffet but it was a close second. Next time, I’m going somewhere nice.

We headed to a park where people split up to play rugby or soccer. I’m horrible at soccer but I figured I had more of a chance there than rugby. I ended up playing goalie, aka doing push ups and ab circuits at one end of the field so I felt like I was working off my 3 pieces of cake. When I wasn’t doing lunges I was drooling over the view. We were on a very large, very bright green field. The sky was a beautiful color as well with the spots of blue sky, the yellow sun, pink clouds, and orange mist. It was too gorgeous. Everyone got warm running around and took their sweaters off, so the bright green was dotted with bright coloured shirts of pretty much every color. It was so cute!

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