Monday, June 23, 2014

Seven Months Young

Lilian is 7 months!
 She FINALLY got sick. The three of us all caught a cold and Lilian experienced the misery that is sinus congestion for the first time in her short life. In true Lilian fashion, she powered through it with a smile on her face (most of the time..).
 For Father's Day we went to Heber City to see a working bomber from WWII and although it was fun for Dad and Papa, Lilian wasn't overly impressed.
 Last night she slept from 8 pm to 7:30 am. Haaaaaaallelujah!

She is somehow scooting around. I never see it in action but I'll leave her in one spot, do some dishes or something, and when I come back she is far from where I left her. Time to start baby proofing.

She's had carrots, sweet potatoes, and prunes (oh. my. goodness. Diaper=destroyed). Along with whatever we think would be funny to let her tastes, including but not limited to: crepes, jell-o, watermelon, mustard, sprite, and a little bit of guarana.

She's still just as happy as ever and is the perfect little companion. We love her more than anything!

"I don't want to be a hipster!"

We also love our new corner chair. It's kind of funky but it's perfect for our little Tree House.

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