Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No School!

Robert finished finals last Wednesday and we spent an entire week in Bountiful!

Lilian flew a kite!

She did great at her 4 month checkup despite being nearly 6 months old. The doctor said she is "growing beautifully" and we said, "yeah, we know." My parents wanted us to ask the doctor if we are in for some kind of nasty surprise down the road since she is so perfect right now. 

Just a little after-shots selfie.

#postdoctor #didntevenhurt #onlycriedalittle #tallandskinny #fitasafiddle

Most of all, Lilian made sure she had plenty of down time to relax after a busy semester. 
"Bring me my milk!"

Robert and I enjoyed our first day of yard work of the season,

(a lawn is a lawn, no matter how small)

and while we were in Bountiful I finally cleaned out my old bedroom. 
I found some fun stuff!

7th grade art project.

EFY pass. 
I don't know who chewed on that corner. Probably someone who was really nervous the whole time. Psh, wasn't me... 

A few "trophies" from some sprint triathlons I did in junior high.

A balloon Jared and Jason gave me when I had appendicitis. Knowing my appendix had left me, they brought me this appendix-shapped balloon to keep me company. So thoughtful.

And of course, the fun posters that my amazing coach, Suzie, taped to my door every time I qualified for State. Thanks Suz!

It was a very fun week! Congratulations to Robert on another stellar semester. Just one more year to go! 

 Now for some napping!

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Allison said...

Cute. I love the crap you find cleaning out old bedrooms. I just don't like the crushing dread of actually doing the deed.