Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mrs. Bennion

A long time ago when I actually spent time on facebook, I joined a group called "I demand nothing less than Mr. Darcy" or something like that. (Juvenile, I know.)

Well, I'd like everyone to know that, not only did I NOT settle for less, but I found someone better than Mr. Darcy.

His name is Mr. Bennion. 

And you may now call me  Mrs. Bennion.  Mrs. Bennion: Completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy.

Here are a few pictures from the amazing Amanda Castleberry. For more, go to her blog. (If you click on a photo, it will take you to her Flickr where you can enjoy even more of her pictures!)

He is so handsome.

 My mom made me buy these shoes. At first, I felt like an elf, but I ended up getting attached to them.

 Thanks Mady and Karin for driving the hour and a half at 5 in the morning to do my make-up and wait on me all day.

The luncheon centerpieces. Loved 'em!

The ridiculous cake that I just HAD to have. 

My amazing Aunt Cristy found these reflective vases the night before the wedding. What a hit!

Agent Bennion. 

I LOVED my peony bouquet!
 My wonderful bridesmaids.

My gorgeous sister, Steph. 


The Becks said...

Christina you're so beautiful! You're wedding pictures are just gorgeous - it looked like a perfect day!

Rachel Longhurst said...

Ahhh Christina you both looked so wonderful! Remember how about a year ago we stayed up talking at night about how Robert was coming home from his mission and you had NO idea what was going to happen? I love this ending the best:)

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures. They made my heart smile. Still so happy for you both!

Alexandra said...

I second rachel. Although I'm calling your bluff ('blaaafff') by saying you totally knew what was going to happen, but were playing coy.

regarding the pictures. MODELS. he is gorgeous, you are gorgeous. done done done. wow. i'm so so soooo happy for you. and the peony bouquet?!! ok, gonna stop gushing... love you.

Allison said...

These pictures are amazing. You guys looks beautiful! Congratulations madame :)